Data Protection Declaration

The protection of Your personal data is important to us. We are handling Your personal data, such as Your name, address, e-mail address or telephone number always in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), respectively in accordance with the provisions of the Act No.CXII. of the year 2011. (Act on the right to informatics self-determination and informatics freedom).

The purpose of the present data protection declaration is to inform You about the type, effect and purpose of the personal data collected by us. In case we intend to offer You special services through our website or elsewhere, and there does not exist a legal ground in this relation for the necessary data handling, then we will ask for Your consent.

1.Responsible office and the person responsible for data protection:

The responsible office according to the interpretation of the legal regulation on data protection:
MBM Logistics Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
Illés Árpád, managing director
2360 Gyál, Kolozsvári u.26,
Tel.: +36 29/544 691

2. Register of general data and information

At each occasion when it is visited, the website records several general data and information. These general data and information are getting stored in the log-book files of the server. It is possible, that the following are also getting recorded: (1) the type and version number of the used browser, (2) the operation system used by the gateway system, (3) the internet page, from which the gateway system has access to our internet page (referrer), (4) the sub-pages, which refer to to our website by way of the gateway system, (5) the date and the moment of the access to the internet page, (6) the address of the internet protocol (IP-address), (7) the internet provider of the gateway system and (8) other similar data and information, which may be necessary for an emergency reaction in case of an attack to our informatics system.

In the course of the usage of these general data and information it is impossible to determinate Your personal identity. We don’t carry out profile preparation. These information are the more necessary for us to secure the up to date status of our website, to optimalize the content of our website and the advertisement of this, to guarantee the persistent operation of the technology of our IT-system and of our website, furthermore to be able to provide for the criminal prosecutor authorities in case of a cyber-attack the necessary information in order to conduct criminal action.

Our company is analyzing these anonymously recorded data and information on a statistical basis, with the purpose of increasing the data protection and data security within our enterprise. We are storing the anonymous data in the server log-books, separated from the personal data provided by You. The legal ground of the temporary storing of the data and of the log-book files is point f) of section (1) of Article No. 6. of the GDPR.   

3. Data handling at the time of contacting

You can get into contact with us by using the contacting form provided on our website or on the e-mail address to be found in the imprint. In case You use one of these channels to get in contact with our company, we automatically save the data provided by You. We save such personal data provided by You on a voluntary basis with the purpose of processing Your request and/or with the purpose of keeping contact with you.

The legal ground of the data handling being carried out in course of the conclusion and performance of the agreement is point b) of section (1) of Article No. 6. of the GDPR, and in all other cases point f) of section (1) of Article no. 6. The legal ground of data forwarding into a third country is point b) of section (1) of Article No. 49. of the GDPR. 

4. Cookies

This website uses cookies. Cookies are text files, which are placed on informatics systems and are stored on these systems. With the use of cookies our company is able to provide user-friendly service, which would be impossible, if the cookies would not be placed. With cookies we can recognize the users of our website. For example the users of the website using cookies do not have to provide their registration data at each occasion, when they enter the page, since these are kept on the website and in the cookie, which has been placed by the website on the informatics system.

We maintain in connection with the website all copyrights and user rights exclusively.

5. Google Maps

On this website we use the service of Google Maps in order to ease the identification and visiting of the location of our branch office. This means, that we show You directly on the website a map, with which you can easily use the functions of the map.

By using the website, the information, that You have visited the related sub-page of our website, gets into the possession of Google. Besides this, the data mentioned under section 2. gets forwarded as well. This is carried out independently from whether Google is making available a user account, through which You can sign in, or if there is no such user account. In case You signed in in Google, Your data get directly in Your account. In case You don’t like this forwarding into Your Google profile, You have to sign out, before You activate the button. Google is storing Your data as a user profile, which it uses for purposes of advertising, market research and/or for purposes relating to the building of the website according to needs.

Such assessment (even for users, who don’t sign in) serves especially for the purpose, that the users get demand driven advertisements, and for the further users being in its community network it gives information about its activities carried out on our website. You are entitled to protest against establishing of such a user profile, but make this effective You have to visit directly Google. The further information relating to the purposes and effect of the data collection and data handling by the service provider of the extension can be found in the data protection declaration of the service provider.

The legal ground for the data handling carried out in course of the use of Your personal data in Google Maps is point f) of section (1) of Article No. 6. of GDPR. The forwarding of the personal data to the USA is carried out in accordance with the rules of the EU-USA Data Protection Shield, section (1) of Article no. 45. of the GDPR, which was also signed by Google.